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Two strokes of love

We had an overwhelming amount of donations for the run on July 28 -- enough to stock two simultaneous Street Stores in one day! We haven't done anything like this, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't nervous about it!

But with your generosity, we all made it happen! Over 15,000 items (you read that right!) found 1,200 new owners who will treasure them for years to come. The success of the pop-up shops at Navotas (photos above) and Fairview (slideshow below) is something we can all share, as well as the smiles we've come across by this simple act of kindness.

Proud of this team of friends and volunteers who kept serving warm smiles and unreal energy on that bed weather weekend. So grateful to Tri Noma and Ribbon Wands Manila for making it accessible to drop off donations. High fives to the Lalamove team for helping us with the logistics on the event day and for giving our donors Php100off for their deliveries!

May we in turn treasure the connections we've made through this experience, and continue to inspire each other in more ways than one!

A heartfelt thank you

I'm tired but reaaally grateful. I never thought that the initiative would get this big. Thank you so much to everyone, especially our partners for helping out!

-Jana, Organizer

A big thanks to everyone for all your donations, to our partners and to all our dedicated volunteers. Thank you for bringing wonderful smiles and being a blessing to our partner communities. Your generosity has made Create Good -Street Store PH an amazing success.

-Abelle, Organizer

Thank you so much for the support you've given Create Good in making The Street Store a reality. From donors to the volunteers, you all serve as a reminder that we're all capable of doing some good and giving some good in our own little ways. Let's continue do actions that create good.

-Martha, Organizer


What The Street Store donors & volunteers are saying

It makes my heart flutter to see people especially children who say thank you and smile to you genuinely. I also made a little conversation to some of the people I assist and discovered a glint of their life. Thanks for the experience. :)
I love Street Store because of its advocacy, as well how it was carefully planned and organized. A testament that all the hardwork pays off when it comes from the heart.
I've been practicing minimalism for months now and when I discovered Street Store, it aligned with my values of keeping things that spark joy. There is no better way to put your old belongings to good use than to have someone else find value in them as I once had.


The Street Store is the world's first rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. This movement started in Cape Town, Africa on January 2014 and has spread all over the world. |


When we do more with what we have, we create good.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods for the greater good. Whether it's through Street Store, Re-Store or Refresh, our actions are aimed at challenging the norms of giving back and forming a deeper connection with the community.