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Radiate Good. Pass it on.

Holy moly! The Street Store @ UPD last March 17 was an impressive one! More than 500 shoppers got to take home 3,000 awesome stuff you guys sent through. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated and hearty pats on the back of the 18 volunteers who helped us turn the store from chaos to fun!

High fives to the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Refuge for printing on the t-shirts. Very grateful to Popjunklove, and Play FM 99.5 for helping us spread the word, as well as to Bgy. UP Campus for giving us a free pass at the multipurpose court + distributing the stubs to those who were relocated following the construction of a mall in the area.

Staying true to our mission to help save the earth, we’re still reusing the posters from the first Street Store we hosted care of Gigantic Doodles and Sketches, Illumina and Printsonalities. Here's to sustainability!

A heartfelt thank you

We would love to thank the organizers, the volunteers and all the donors for helping out the homeless community with so much love. Taking the time out of your day to help others is one of the most special things that you can do. We hope to see more Street Stores in the Philippines soon!

-Kayli, Founder

The pop-up just keeps getting bigger and bigger every time! Goes to show that there are so many kindhearted people who want to make an impact. We wouldn't have done it without you. Seriously! Thanks for chipping in!

-Jana, Organizer

We really appreciate the growing support for Street Store, from your donated items to you committed time as volunteers. You are the reason behind the success of Street Store. Your generosity touched the lives of the people from our partner community. Thank you for creating a big dose of love and happiness!

-Abelle, Organizer


What The Street Store donors & volunteers are saying

I don't even remember owning some of these items until I tried to declutter. I'm so thrilled to know that they'll be off for a good cause. Better give them to people who will find value in them than to keep them in my closet.
I like to help the needy in my own little way by giving them a bit of my time through this kind of activity.

I wanted to do volunteer work because I think we all have a responsibility to help each other, and to spread the word how we should make the world not just about us but about everyone living in it.


The Street Store is the world's first rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. This movement started in Cape Town, Africa on January 2014 and has spread all over the world. |


To Create Good, one does not need to look further from what one already has - what we have can easily be something others can have too.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods with the aim of sending a resounding and relevant message that urges this generation redefine how we can create good.